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What Are Long Tail Keywords?

by Roger Chartier:

Long tail keywords are phrases

Of more than one word, usually 3, 4 or more word phrases used as a keyword.
A domain, with a long tail keyword as the name of the domain, has a good chance of ranking higher in the specific niche that people will search for.

For a webmaster/blogger, it is also better to add them, as well as synonyms of them, in your description tag, in the head section of the page code.

Add the keyword in the first sentence

Of your top text. Make sure that you don't overdo it afterwards or it will look like you stuffed the keyword in too much and the search engines won't like that.

Think about what people type in the search bar when they want to find something. They usually type phrases, those are your long tail keywords.

Search engine optimization

These SEO tips are worth paying attention to if you want the web site or page to rank high in search results. The top ten is best, and number one spot is better.

Long tail keywords will rank higher because they target a narrower niche such as "Sailing in New Bedford rather than more general terms such as the word "Sailing",

Using the word "Sailing" you are up against 187,000,000 other pages whereas "Sailing In New Bedford" only has 2,590 competitive pages when I checked on Jan -21-2012.

A really long tail keyword

Is the website www.Yo-Ho-Ho-And-A-Bottle-Of-Rum.com. The site is from late 2011, so it is a few years old now.
Do a search for Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum, it should be on the first page of results.

The page has to have backlinks

As well to rank up there. Every website that links to your site shows the search engines that you are respected by others, and you get pushed up higher in the search results.

A short tail keyword of one or two words would need a lot of backlinks to rank on page one, but a long tail keyword can do it with less, sometimes only a very few.
Sites that are respected and have been around for a long time might have a short keyword, but the internet is getting very saturated with sites and search terms, so you have to consider this.

If you want to stick with the idea of a short keyword, you will have to work harder to get rankings and traffic.

How to find long tail keywords

There are many keyword tools to find what a good long tail keyword would be.